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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Do you offer aftercare and aftercare packages?

We do. In fact, most of our clients (over 90%) are still with us on an aftercare package. This can include an hour or two of update work, maintenance time, general hosting and email services or it can also be a more expansive logistical operation – teaching and training company staff, providing material as and when, being on hand 9 hours a day (or more) to assist with any and all digital problems, remote assistance, search engine work, marketing campaigns, graphic design campaign assistance… the list goes on but sure – phone and ask us!

Who is your service for?

SME Businesses, Religious, Architecture, Finance, Grassroots, Community Projects… you name it, we do it or did do it!

What is a "brandable" domain name?

Short and Catchy. Use a ‘.com’ or ‘’.

What do you charge?

We have never charged the same price to any two clients. Our service is comprehensive, and attentive – therefore the solution is different everytime.

Our price is rarely below £5,000 and goes up to £25,000. A project usually comes in at around 2 months work for various staff. Sure we can get a website out within a few days – but it will only cost you, and us, 100 times more in so many ways.